Domestic Violence

General Purpose

We will call or go to wherever the victim is and provide all the appropriate services for the victim. This can include safe shelter, medical referral, counseling for domestic battery, sexual abuse, or any other issues that encompass domestic violence. We can also help the victim obtain restraining orders against the suspect.

Domestic Violence Counseling

We provide counseling for our victims of domestic violence in-house. No victim has to leave St. Charles Parish unless they choose to do so. The counseling is paid through the state of Louisiana’s Victim’s Reparation Board, which assist agencies with the day-to-day dynamics of working with the survivors of domestic violence (this can include counseling, re-location, medical, and daycare).

The Sheriff’s Office has a court support program in place, should the victim feel more comfortable with someone during their court appearance.  In those cases, they can be escorted by a police officer to court and the officer can stay with the victim during court. 

Review or download our Personalized Safety Plan booklet. If you feel you are in danger, download to a computer outside the home or contact the Sheriff's Office's Special Services Department for a copy at (985) 783-1355.


We are also part of the Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System (LAVNS) registry. This system enables the victim to register with our unit and be notified 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of when the suspect is getting out of jail or being moved to another jail.


Of the four victim coordinators in this unit, one officer is a trained forensic interviewer in the field of sexual and physical abuse, domestic violence, and victims with disabilities. We can provide the judicial system with a DVD of the victims' disclosure of what happened and they can see first-hand how victims suffer at the hands of their abusers.

Cruelty to Animals

Additionally, through years of research, it has been proven that family violence can and does include animal cruelty to the family pets. We have placement for the animals that suffer at the hands of the abusers and we have an in-house animal cruelty officer.

Additional Information

For more information, please call (985) 783-6230 during regular hours or (985) 783-6807 after regular hours.