Self Defense - Adults

Class Invitation

Sheriff Greg Champagne is extending an invitation to all women in St. Charles Parish to participate in a self-defense class. The course consists of two hours of training for women only. The course covers general sexual assault definitions, self-defense laws, risk reduction strategies, as well as various self-defense techniques.


The training is offered free of charge to all female residents of St. Charles Parish.


"This program was developed to enhance the options of self-defense for women and help them to become comfortable with the techniques," Sheriff Champagne said. "We want self-defense to be viewed as a viable consideration if they are ever attacked."

By the end of the class, students will have a better understanding of the options available to them and will have the self-confidence to execute these options to prevent themselves from becoming a victim.

Additional Information

For more information or to schedule for a class, please contact Mrs. Toni Daniels at 985-783-6237 or by
e-mail at: