TRIAD's Purpose

  • Support the involvement of law enforcement practitioners, as well as citizens of all ages, in the development, implementation, and evaluation of acceptable solutions to reducing crime against the elderly
  • Mobilize community resources to continually ascertain the needs and concerns of older citizens and provides a mechanism for meeting those needs
  • Enable law enforcement agencies to share resources that can effectively be utilized to develop and achieve a highly visible and effective means of identifying available programs or possible solutions to reducing the criminal victimization of the parish's elderly population
  • Foster the development and maintenance of a local advisory panel to law enforcement called Seniors and Lawmen Working Together (SALT)
    • The panel's chief role is to determine the needs and existing resources within the parish that may be better utilized to plan effective strategies to combat crimes against the elderly
    • The panel is also is charged with creating a network to develop volunteer support roles for senior citizens that wish to assist in planning for and alleviating some of the root causes of elderly victimization

Additional Information

For information on the Triad program, please contact the Triad Coordinator at (985) 783-1355.