Criminal Investigations (C.I.D.)

The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) is comprised of highly trained Detectives, who investigate serious crimes requiring specialized investigative techniques. The Criminal Investigation Division is the clearinghouse for all investigative reports generated by the Sheriff’s Office. Each case is reviewed for solvability factors and is then assigned to a trained investigator for follow-up, based on the type of crime and the investigator's expertise.

Members of the division are “General Assignment” meaning they investigate everything from harassing phone calls to homicides, including rapes, robberies, burglaries and other crime trend incidents. Detective’s conduct interviews, examine crime scenes, follow-up leads, execute search warrants as well as assist crime scene technicians in processing, photography, and forensic evidence gathering and handling for future court purposes. Detectives are responsible for the case as a whole during an investigation and see it through all the way to its final resolution. During large scale criminal investigations, C.I.D. often works in collaboration with other area local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in order to pool resources and more effectively solve crimes.

C.I.D. also manages the Cyber Crime Unit, which investigates child pornography on the internet.

Detectives are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on a rotational basis to respond to emergency investigative needs but are normally available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm to provide assistance when needed.