Special Investigations


The Special Investigations Division (SID) specializes in the investigation of crimes specific to narcotics, organized crime, and vice-related violations such as prostitution and illegal gambling.  The unit is also responsible for investigating complaints against alcohol beverage outlets within St. Charles Parish and enforcing violations of alcohol related laws.


The primary mission of the Special Investigations Division is to impact the flow of narcotics and drugs into St. Charles Parish through the professional investigation, apprehension, and conviction of drug traffickers through the confiscation of illegal narcotics and by the seizure of proceeds earned via the criminal activity.

Investigations, Partnerships & Joint Operations

SID also participates in joint operations with surrounding agencies, including the Louisiana State Police and several federal agencies. SID has a detective assigned with the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force allowing those resources to be utilized when needed. 

Report Criminal Activity

The Special Investigations Division operates with strict confidentiality and offers the public the ability to report illegal drug activity through calls that are made to the 24 hour drug hotline (985) 785-4450, the SID office (985) 783-1159, or the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office website – Report Criminal Activity.