Parish Juvenile Probation

Staff & Responsibilities

Juvenile offenders facing detention are getting a "last chance" courtesy of an established probation program.  This program addresses a number of social skills common to adolescent offenders - school truancy and absenteeism, drug abuse, vandalism, theft, violence, ungovernable behavior, curfew violations and runaways

The Juvenile Justice Division serves as the Juvenile Probation Officer.  Their responsibilities include: 
  • Monitoring the attendance of juvenile offenders at required programs
  • Conducting random visits
  • Organizing and implementing community education / service projects
  • Ensuring offenders comply with the court-ordered conditions of probation
  • Additionally, he monitors youth performing community service hours.  
Probationers are regularly visited at school to check on attendance, grades and behavior.  Probationers must adhere to local, state and federal laws, obey parent(s), abide by dusk to dawn curfew and submit to monthly drug screening.   They must also attend substance abuse / mental health counseling.



Additional Information

For more information on the Juvenile Probation Program or to reach Lieutenant Roanne Sampson, call (985) 783-6237.