Arrest Reports

General Information

Booking information is public record. All requests for booking information on any arrest made in St. Charles Parish are available through the Correctional Center.

Arrest Report Requests

Requests for arrest reports are public record and therefore can be released. All other documents pertaining to an arrest are privileged until adjudicated or until the case has completed final litigation (completed the court process), and the documentation supporting the adjudication is on file or produced. Aside from field arrest reports, only arrest records containing the final disposition of each specific arrest can be released.

Privileged Reports

Arrest reports falling into the following categories are termed as being privileged and therefore shall not be released whether adjudicated or not:
  • Arrest reports that identify any victim of a sexual offense
  • Arrest reports containing the identity of any undercover law enforcement officer, or any arrest report that could by its very nature identify an undercover officer
  • The arrest report of any person identified as a status offender as defined in the Code of Juvenile Procedure (Juvenile)

Additional Information

For more information, please call (985) 783-6237.