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  1. Public Survey
    The St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office has one of the lowest crime rates in the region. Your feedback is important to us in our effort to continually provide excellent service. Please take a few moments to fill out the following survey.
  2. Safety
    How safe do you feel in St. Charles Parish?
  3. Experience
    Based on your most recent experience, please rate the services provided by the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office.
  4. Incident Specifics
    Please answer the following questions in regard to your most recent incident reported to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office.
  5. Note: If you do not know the Responding Officer's name or the Incident Number (which is found on the Incident Form), please include the date, time and location of your incident in the below description.
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    Would you like the Responding Officer notified of your feedback?
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