Creation & Function

Imagine being home alone - with limited mobility, medical problems, or special needs - and having no one to call. For too many senior adults in St. Charles Parish, this is a frightening reality. But the TRIAD program and the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office have unveiled a program to make life a little more assuring: Adopt-a-Senior.

Local law officers will adopt one or more seniors with special needs, regularly check in on them, reassure them, and assist with any questions or concerns they may have. The program is intended to supplement care already being provided by other persons or agencies.

Sheriff's Goal for the Program

"I believe this will be a very rewarding program," said Sheriff Greg Champagne. "It's designed to provide support, contact, and reassurance to older adults with special needs. Sometimes that human contact can make a world of difference.  Similar programs have been enacted in other parishes with overwhelming success", Sheriff Champagne said. "They love it - the seniors and the officers."

Deputies will make arrangements to call on his or her adoptee on a regular basis. During each visit or phone call, special attention will be paid to the seniors' needs. In the event that additional help is required, TRIAD will be notified. "We want our deputies to be aware of the special needs and problems facing seniors and to treat them with compassion, care, and concern," Champagne said. "This program is designed to do just that."

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Jessica Cortez at (985) 783-1355.